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Holy Crap! You Can Now Buy A Justin Trudeau Action Figure (10 Photos)

It also talks... and cries! Lol.
Holy Crap! You Can Now Buy A Justin Trudeau Action Figure (10 Photos)

If you've ever been forced to have a conversation with me, then you know one thing: I just cannot shut up.

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But every so often, something comes along that actually, legitimately leaves me without words.

This, friends, is one of those times.

The Bradford Exchange, a website specializing in artistic collectables, has released a commemorative, talking Justin Trudeau doll.

Emphasis on "commemorative", as the website stresses that this is a doll to be collected and not played with. Seriously, friends - it's not even meant for children under 14 years old.

Trudeau's doll is kind of expensive - to the tune of $130 - but for that price, you're getting a fully poseable Justin Trudeau figure, a few outfits, and a commemorative doll stand.

The doll also speaks. It's got a bunch of Trudeau's most popular phrases (like "Canada is a country strong not in spite of our differences but because of them") built right in.

Honestly, this is really not my cup of tea... but no judgements if it's yours. Live your best life, collectable doll fan. Live your best life. 

For more information on the speaking Justin Trudeau doll, check out the official website right here.

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