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Hordes Of Rats Are Infesting Several Neighbourhoods Across Toronto

Toronto residents are fighting a losing battle against the rats.
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Hordes Of Rats Are Infesting Several Neighbourhoods Across Toronto

Over 500 complaints have been lodged against Toronto neighbourhoods in the past 10 years, with each one claiming there is an on-going rat infestation. Residents in Beaches-East York and Danforth-Woodbine have seen the number of complaints shoot up to nearly 100 just this year alone. Meanwhile, the Parkdale-High Park and Davenport neighbourhoods have heard over 1,000 complaints since 2009. 

Residents say that the neighbourhoods are fighting a losing battle against scores of rats that seem to be constantly appearing year after year. Some people have seen rats the size of large cats being driven from their underground lairs because of on-going condo projects in the area. Rats are encroaching into residential neighbourhoods and are wreaking havoc on many private properties. 

According to the CBC, rats are ignoring traps and seem to be learning how to avoid them. In the past 10 years, the rat population has shot up by incredible numbers but no one knows exactly how many they have to deal with. Toronto is currently conducting a study to verify the extent of the rat problem, but local Torontonians have had enough. 

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TL;DR The city of Toronto has a serious problem with rats as many residential neighbourhoods are dealing with infestations. Toronto is conducting a study on the extent of the issue but residents are demanding more action from city officials.

Residents say that their anti-rat efforts are for naught as rats continue to infest their neighbourhoods. In fact, some say that rats are tunnelling under the foundation of their homes and are coming in through dryer vents and toilets. 

Even after pouring cement into rat holes, people say that the rats simply don't care and find other ways into the neighbourhood. Many are quick to blame the proliferation of condo developments as underground excavations prompt scores of rodents to evacuate their underground lairs. 

People want Toronto to take more action against the rats. City officials are conducting a study after a historic number of complaints have been lodged against Toronto this year.

Toronto City Hall is toying with the idea of bringing back a city-wide extermination project that baits the rats into more sophisticated traps.

They're bullish on helping out residential neighbourhoods, however, because Toronto will begin massive extermination projects when rats begin to infest city property or commercial property like restaurants. 

In Toronto, homeowners are responsible for protecting their own property against pest infestations but locals are fed up of dealing with a seemingly endless rat horde. In some cases, people have to pay thousands of dollars for exterminator services.

Rats are known to harbour disease and when dealing with an infestation, it's important to deal with it as soon as possible. Rats can get into holes as small as 13mm wide.

City officials tell local residents to keep their property clean of garbage and refuse, to cut tall grass, and to make sure to plug any dangerous holes that rats can get into. 

If you're in Toronto and are dealing with a rat infestation, make sure to pressure your local neighbourhood officials.


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