Horrific Video Showing Montreal Taxi Driver Fighting Cyclist Downtown

You really just gotta see this.
Horrific Video Showing Montreal Taxi Driver Fighting Cyclist Downtown

Yesterday, I was driving through traffic when a biker passed me on the right.

At the time, I was driving very close to a parked car and I was actually amazed that he managed to squeeze through without hitting my side mirror.

Then I started thinking about what could have happened if he did hit my mirror. Would he pay for it or drive off? Would he apologize or pick a fight with me?

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In the end I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

Then when I got home I went through my emails, and in some weird coincidental twist someone had sent me this old video of a fight breaking out between a biker and a taxi.

The biker claims he was cut off by the taxi which is why he accidentally hit his mirror. When the taxi confronts him, the biker immediately throws the first hit (I can't call that a punch).

All I kept thinking is, that could have been me.

I read the comments to see what was going on and I actually found a comment from the the biker in the video:

"to all the ppl who judge me on this video,ive been doing this job for 25yrs since 1989,been through every accident that you can imagine and still alive to tell the tales...if you watch the video you'll notice that my hand was bandaged up cause it was broken from a week earlier when i got hit from a car as well.so couldnt really defend myself..the cabby cut me off and i was forced to bike around his car when i accidently hit his mirror.he flipped out ant threatened to poke my eyes out so i reacted.anyone who has done my job for as long as i did will know the stress and hell we go through a daily basis...all i have to say..for the humour of the video.enjoy lol cause even i had a good laugh ;)"


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