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Hot Girl Asks For Guys Numbers In Front Of Their Girlfriends

Women love to stir up some trouble.
Hot Girl Asks For Guys Numbers In Front Of Their Girlfriends

Getting numbers is ridiculously easy when you're a fit, young, and beautiful woman. YouTube channel 'whatever,' known for hilarious pranks and stunts, is well aware of this phenomenon, and takes it to hilarious extremes. Whatever filmed a crazy beautiful lady randomly asking men for their phone numbers, some of them with girlfriends in tow.

All the single men leaped at the chance to get the girl's number. No surprise there. But the hilarity goes next level when you hear some of the girlfriend's reactions. A catfight could have easily started with just a little more prodding. Ah well, its still a hilarious video. Check it out below.

Like Whatever's role reversal of a woman asking men for numbers? Think this is just another example of negative feminism? Is the video just plain hilarious? Tell us in the comments below.

Check out more of Whatever's video at their YouTube Channel

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