Hot Montreal Girl Burps All Over The City

One city, one woman, a lot of burps.
Hot Montreal Girl Burps All Over The City

Burping is so hot right now. Maybe you don't think so, and that's understandable. You just haven't watched the video below, where one woman's mission is to make her mark all over Montreal in the most charming fashion: by burping.

Created by Montreal filmaker/You Tuber Fred B, the video is titled "Hot Girl Burps All Over Montreal," which pretty much sums up the premise. Hitting up all of Montreal's major landmarks and hot spots, the short video is a hilarious tour of Montreal, with plenty of burping added in for good measure.

Props to Ariane Filiatre, the star burper in the video, who not only makes burping look good, but also has an impressive command over her body's ability to release gas from her mouth. Check out the Montreal burp fest below.

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