House Of Cards Is Killing TV But It's Just So Damn Worth It

If you're done debating whether that dress is white & gold or actually blue & black (totally white & gold), you might have noticed that the return of one of the greatest shows in all of o' history, finally dropped on the Netflix today which for most of us, means "Let the marathon BEGIN!"

While it used to be that our favourite televised programming was served to us in episodic format, ensuring we'd tune in week after week to find out what happened next, after devilishly devious cliffhangers left us cursing at the screen and wanting more, on-demand and streaming services have all but killed traditional television. Much like video killed the radio star before it, Netflix, and more specifically, House of Cards, is revolutionizing how we consume our entertainment these days, which may or may not be a good thing.

In the age of instant information, it only makes sense that television would follow suit, giving way to direct access to TV shows when we want them, and how we want them. As the world becomes increasingly connected and more and more on the go every day, being dependent on a network's broadcasting schedule is just no longer feasible. That's not to say cable entertainment isn't great anymore, because the truth is, TV is better than ever, just that the internet generation doesn't care to be spoon-fed our entertainment in increments anymore. Like everything else, we want to over-indulge and we want to do it all at once.

Last season's opener was, for lack of a better word, epic, which in the past would've had us pulling out our hair in anticipation to find out what happens next, Netflix flipped the script, and instead of simply hoping fans would be loyal enough to return week after week, just gave the people what they wanted, creating true TV addicts in every sense of the word.

So while binge watching a whole day's worth of awesome television is maybe not the healthiest thing in the world, when the writing, acting, and production value is as outstanding and supremely thrilling to our dramatic senses as say, House of Cards is, all we can say is - See you on the other side.

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