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How Any Montrealer Can Avoid Bankruptcy Today

How to become a successful Montreal Airbnb host.
How Any Montrealer Can Avoid Bankruptcy Today

Photo cred : Flickr

Ever get the feeling like you just want to give it all up and become a genetically & aesthetically blessed Billionaire...

well you're not alone young padawon you're not alone... however for the rest of us that live in the real world there's bills to pay and pay and stomachs to feed, lights to keep on and heat to pay to not fall sick so that youre able to get up and work the next day. However with the minimum wage in Montreal currently at $10.35 and most people working less than 40 hours (36.7 hrs approx.) so that employers don't have to pay or cover benefits, this leads most people working 2 sometimes even 3 or more jobs, just to stay afloat. Likewise, even with these small blurts of passive income on the side, many are still struggling to pave their financial security way. One individual in particular is Montreal native Actor-Filmmaker Dany Papineau , who was in the midst of production & paying for a 2nd mortgage in Whistler when he was faced with the option of having to declare bankruptcy & sell his Montreal home. However with the help of some online searching he stumbled onto a little old website & solution called AirBnB

"The day that I got my first guest is basically the first day that it started to generate a revenue from my home," he said in an interview with The Early Edition's Rick Cluff. "I've generated more than $200,000 on Airbnb in the last two years … it simply changed my life." - Dany Papineau

So, if you're like any logical and thrifty person in this economy, you're probably thinking right now

What the heck is Airbnb ?

Well, Airbnb is a site where you can either post or search for privately owned properties ( eg: houses, apartments, couches, boats etc..) from any and all price ranges daily ( eg: 0$- 1000$).

Dany Papineau has even taken the time to put together an online course & website to teach others all that he knows.

( Airbnb Secrets  )


Here's one of his tidbits of wisdom...

Know the risks

"I had some guests who pretended to rent my place for three people and then they threw a party for 30 people, which did $4,000 of damages to my home. Airbnb has insurance. Once you rent a place on this website, you're covered for up to $1 million in damages."

To hear the full interview with Dany Papineau, and to signup to receive his FREE  TOP 5 TOOLS he used to become a $200,000+ Airbnb host click here ! 

Hope this article helps any current or potential Montreal bankruptcy folk, STAY POSITIVE... DON'T GIVE UP!

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