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How Any Montrealer Can Easily Turn Their TV Into A Smart TV For Cheap

100% unlimited free TV, movies, and apps just got real.
How Any Montrealer Can Easily Turn Their TV Into A Smart TV For Cheap

We all know the best entertainment is happening online these days. Only problem is, you're often limited to the confines of your smartphone or tablet to enjoy it. Great for when you're on the go, but nothing beats binge watching your favourite show or stalking Facebook on the big screen. You could spend loads of money on a new set (not exactly easy on the budget) or you can get an Ice TV Cube that instantly turns the TV you have now into an Android-operated Smart TV, all for a fraction of the price.

Leave it to Montreal-based Polar Technologies to design a super handy, plug-and-play device that allows you to enjoy all the apps you love to use on your phone or tablet but in the comfort of your living room. Social networks, games, video content, you name it; Ice TV Cube gives you access to the interwebs and the millions of apps available on the Google PlayStore for a whole new level of home entertainment.

The Polar TV Box comes pre-loaded with Kodi which lets you play and view a large selection of video, music, podcast, and other digital media files available for free, as well as thousands of local and international channels, movies & TV shows from 80 countries across the world. You can watch pretty much anything and everything out there, as long as it is available online.

With zero subscription or monthly fees, this is the cheapest way to get a Smart TV and couldn't be easier to use. Plug it in, connect to the internet and you've got the instant entertainment you know and love from your Android device directly on your TV.

Check out the Polar Ice TV Cube website for more information and to start watching 100% unlimited free TV and movies directly on your TV.