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How Any Montrealer Can Win A Free Keg Party

A free keg party for you and your friends, no strings attached.
How Any Montrealer Can Win A Free Keg Party

One contest in Montreal, still ongoing with not a single winner announced, is offering any and every person in the city a chance to win a private keg party for you and 10 friends, set at a cash value of $750.

Then there's the unlimited Grilled Cheese Summer Pass from Le Cheese Truck, not to mention Igloofest and Piknik passes, to keep you partying every season. Oh, and bartender training so you never even need a keg.

And all you have to do is vote in the MTL Awards.

Sorry to be coy and withholding, but we know you've probably sick and tired of hearing about the MTL Awards so we thought we'd remind you just how awesome the MTL Awards is for you, and not just Montreal's many venues you're voting for.

There are over $5000 in prizes to be won, with other sexy rewards you can receive simply by voting in and sharing the MTL Awards.

Voting ends May 14th, and there's no limit to how many times you can vote/enter in the sweepstakes, so why not increase your chances of a free kegger by voting more? It's a pretty solid win-win.

Get voting, get winning

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