How Hugs Will Keep You From Getting Sick This Winter In Montreal

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Screw cough syrup and vitamin C, there's a new cold & virus treatment that is much more enjoyable for you, and will straight up warm your soul. A new scientific study, performed by psychology professors at Carnegie Mellon University, has revealed the protective nature of hugs against cold viruses, so be sure to grab a warm embrace this winter to not get sick.

Studying 404 adults who were exposed to a common cold virus, the rate of hugs received and their subsequent feelings of emotional and physical well-being were specifically analyzed by researchers, and a direct correlation between being hugged and being healthy was documented.

Researcher Sheldon Cohen notes that hugs, as a protection against illness, may be due to the actual physical contact or because hugs are a distinct "behavioral indicator of support and intimacy." Whatever the case, Cohen points out, anyone receiving "more hugs are somewhat protected from infection and illness-related symptoms.”

More than just a placebo effect, hugs are linked to feelings of adequate social support and well-being, or in basic terms, hugs make you feel loved and wanted, making you have a more positive mind set. As such, hugs are able to combat the effects of stress, which ordinarily makes one's body susceptible to infection, which effectively makes the act of hugging a preventive measure against getting sick.

All this seems like something your mom might say to get you to hug her, but the facts don't lie. Check out the full press release on the Association for Psychological Science's website here.

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