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How I Know When I Meet A Man, Not A Boy

#4 He's insulted when you offer to split the bill on the first date.
How I Know When I Meet A Man, Not A Boy

Every time I meet a new guy, I pretty much know what I'm dealing with roughly within a week's time. There are certain characteristics and/or things he does that help me figure out whether he is mature and serious or childish and unreliable. It has nothing to do with age, by the way. I met guys in their twenties who had their life together more than certain thirty something men. So here's what I pay attention to when I meet someone new. Maybe it will even help you update your list of do's and don'ts, who knows...

1. He calls

Rather than texting for hours, he gives you a call. In addition, texts like "we should chill sometime haha" are a clear indication that he is not mature enough... yet.

2. He doesn't "chill"

He wants to take you out to dinner. "Let's chill" expression is not part of his vocabulary.

3. He can take a joke

He's confident enough not to take himself too seriously. He's able to laugh at witty jokes and make smart comebacks instead of getting offended.

4. He's insulted/amused when you offer to split the bill on the first date

He will appreciate you offering to split the bill, but he will not actually let you do it.

5. He picks you up

And when he does, he goes out of the car to open the door for you as you come out of the house.

6. He wants to know if you made it home safe

After a date, he will drop you back home and wait until you actually enter the house.

7. He doesn't insult other women

He will never refer to his ex-girlfriend as "crazy bitch." If he has anything to say about her, it will be neutral and overall positive, "She was a great girl, but we had to go our separate ways." That's about it.

8. He keeps his word

If he promised you to do something, you know he will go out of his way to deliver. No matter how small or significant his promise was, he will make it happen.

9. He makes plans

And takes initiative especially when you're being indecisive and don't know where to eat, he tells you, "There's a great new restaurant that opened in Griffintown. I'll pick you up at 7, be ready."

10. He is not "popping bottles" every weekend

He is focused on his career, family, travel, etc. Even though he can let loose and enjoy Montreal's nightlife scene sometimes, he is not at the club every single weekend.

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