How I Met My Husband Thanks To MTL Blog

A real love story.
How I Met My Husband Thanks To MTL Blog

It all began on March 7th, 2016. I was on my way to the office. It was super early in the morning and still cold outside as I received a Facebook notification - Dave messaged me all the way from South-East Asia to pitch me his story that I later titled “This Canadian Man Dropped Everything To Live His Dream Life In Thailand.” I clicked on his profile and saw a handsome young man with rock solid abs and a perfect smile.

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His story was a perfect fit for MTL Blog, so it got approved the same day. I sent Dave a couple of questions for the article and it was published a few hours later. I was extremely professional, even though I found Dave irresistibly hot. But then he broke the ice out of nowhere:

Who would’ve thought that this would be the beginning of our fairy tail romance, haha.

So we obviously kept in touch and that same day, Dave challenged me to visit his side of the world, which was all it took - according to him (LOL) - to make me come to Thailand.

One thing led to another and there I was, unknowingly changing my life one message at a time. I was totally hooked on my mysterious guy from Thailand. We were talking to each other every single day. I would wake up to notifications from him and go to bed wishing him a good morning (12 hours time difference, yikes!).

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My world literally revolved around figuring out whether I took enough time to answer him so that I wouldn’t end up looking too desperate. And no, we didn’t sext, I’m dead serious.

In the meantime, I was actually planning a vacation for myself and none of my friends were available to join me. I remember that even though it was March, the weather in Montreal was absolutely disgusting.

Dave kept sending me beautiful photos of the ocean and, at some point, I just thought to myself, “What do I have to lose? I’ll take my two weeks vacation, go to Thailand, meet Dave and have a great time.” I was really trying hard to convince myself that I was going to Thailand because I wanted to see South-East Asia and that it was JUST A VACATION. I wasn’t going because I wanted to see Dave or anything. But who was I kidding? I was already so head over heels about him, but just didn’t have the guts to admit it to myself.

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So I did it, I booked the ticket! I flew to Thailand on March 28th, 2016.

(only three weeks after we started talking, holy moly, I’m crazy).

As cheesy and basic as it may sound, the second I saw Dave in Thailand, all smiley and radiant, it all just clicked. We were literally inseparable since.

We had so many adventures and unforgettable moments in these two weeks, that I couldn’t bare the thought of physically being away from him… so I stayed. Watch the video at the end of this post to put an image to my story.

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On November 12, Dave asked me to marry him during our trip to Bagan, Myanmar (also known as Burma). We were sitting on the edge of an ancient pagoda, overlooking the most stunning sunrise I’ve ever seen in my entire life as he turned to me and said something very beautiful. I don’t 100% remember what he said, to be honest, because I felt that he was popping THE question, so I got extremely nervous - my hands were sweating and shaking, but I obviously said, “YES!!!”

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We got married in Myanmar on Dave’s birthday, December 13th 2016. We were both not big fans of conventional marriage ceremonies (or anything conventional for that matter), so we decided to get married according to Burmese traditions. This country has welcomed us with open arms and accepted Dave as a champion of their sport, lethwei (Burmese bare knuckle boxing). It was very different and felt like a dream. This ceremony represented the core of our relationship - nothing ordinary here!

We’re based in Thailand at the moment, but who knows where life will bring us next. One thing’s for sure - we’ll be visiting Montreal every once in a while and when we do, we’ll make sure to stop by MTL blog’s office to bother you guys.

Anyway, all this to say - thank you, MTL blog, for making our story happen. I will forever be grateful for my blog post that turned into a vacation that turned into a lifestyle. In return, we promise to always like, share and comment on all things MTL Blog. :-P

We love you, cheers!

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