How Montreal's STM Buses Will Be Changing For The Better

A $254 million investment.
How Montreal's STM Buses Will Be Changing For The Better

Despite being a rare occurrence on the STM network, having your bus break down or temporarily stop due to a technical error isn't exactly a pleasant experience when you're hurriedly trying to get somewhere. 

Fortunately, the likelihood of that happening will decrease even further once the STM opens its brand new transportation centre. 

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An investment of $254 million, reports JDM, the multi-level transportation complex will be designed with buses in mind, creating a more efficient space to maintain, repair, and recharge electric and hybrid buses. 

Effective maintenance is crucial to a well-oiled fleet of buses, notes President of the STM Philippe Schnobb. And Schnobb is definitely not wrong. 

The multimillion dollar construction will be situated on rue de Bellechasse and will replace the existing maintenance garage. 

According to the STM, the Saint Denis transport centre, built in 1957, is outdated, unable to meet the demands of maintaining hybrid/electrically-powered buses.

The existing bus-garage will be demolished. 

Offices will also be housed within the new transportation centre, as well as retail shops. The STM hopes the complex will add, and not detract, from the surrounding area, and potentially revitalize the neighbourhood with new economic activity. 

Construction work on the new transportation centre is set to begin in spring of next year, with a projected completion date of 2022. 

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