How Much Sunshine You Get To Enjoy When Living In Montreal

Sunshine, by the hour.
How Much Sunshine You Get To Enjoy When Living In Montreal

With spring pretty much here in Montreal (the weather will catch up to the calendar, we promise) everyone's got sunshine on the mind. Or, rather, everyone has the strong desire for a bit of sunlight, an aspiration accompanied by the question of "when the hell is the spring sun going to stay for more than just a few days?"

While we can't quite answer that question, nor give you the dose of sunshine you're craving, we can offer up a pretty interesting numerical figure on the topic of sunlight in Montreal.

You've no doubt wondered before, but how much sunshine is a Montrealer really privy to in a given year?

In somewhat of a roundabout way, the relocation software team behind Teleport actually provided Montreal's average experienced sunshine in their roundup of cities.

Hoping to provide users with a solid illustration of what a city is like and how it is to work there, one of the figures provided by Teleport included "sunshine hours per year," among many others.

And according to Teleport, Montreal enjoys an annual 1,296 hours of sunshine, on average. That adds up to about 7.7 straight weeks of sunshine in a given year.

Interestingly, when comparing Montreal's sunshine-number to Canada's other largest cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary), our fair city actually ranked #2 for most sunshine.

Sunlight doesn't necessarily equate to high temperatures, remember, and no doubt the many sunny days of winter added to Montreal's sunshine hours per year total. Still, it's nice to know Montreal is sunnier than Toronto or Vancouver, mainly just for an added bragging right.

To see how Montreal stacked up against other Canadian cities, check out the list below .

Vancouver: 1,147 sunshine hours per year

Calgary: 1,208 sunshine hours per year

Toronto: 1,217 sunshine hours per year

Montreal: 1,296 sunshine hours per year

Ottawa: 1,331 sunshine hours per year

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