How Often Montrealers Use Uber Will Seriously Surprise You

There's popular, then there's Uber.
How Often Montrealers Use Uber Will Seriously Surprise You

When you ask a few different people about Uber, their reactions can be wildly different. Pose the question to a traditional taxi cab driver and you're almost guaranteed to receive a rant about the inherent evil of the modern taxi-hailing service. Ask an average Montrealer, and they generally only have positive comments on all things Uber.

And some numbers recently released by Uber only prove the public's adoration for the app.

Last Thursday, Uber invited Montreal's media to check out their office in the city, with the aim of demonstrating just how amazing the transport network has been for the city despite all the criticism it has received from the taxi industry.

Given the figures Uber gave, outlined by the Montreal Gazette, it's really hard to make a case against the mobile app, not that we had much of a problem with Uber to begin with.

According to Uber, a Montrealer requests a ride every nine seconds, which is beyond surprising. We knew Uber was popular (we all use it, after all) but we didn't think it was that popular. In total, almost 300, 000 Uber requests are clocked in every month.

Uber is still gaining steam in the city too, with 20, 000 new Montrealers downloading the app every month.

And for any naysayers still out there, Uber is also reported to have put in $21 million into the city's economy in the last year. To be fair, though, Uber didn't comment on how much of that yearly figure affected the annual income of the traditional taxi industry.

But Uber may get some serious competition next year, with the launch of Montreal's first fleet of electrically powered taxi cabs. Much like Uber, the Téo taxis will be hailed through an app and driven by average citizens, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Then there are the strange new regulations being placed upon the average cab driver, including mandatory security cameras and a strict dress code.

And so the Montreal taxi-battle will continue, but if things continue as they have been, Uber will slowly take the top spot, and keep it.