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The Number Of Times Montreal's Metro Lines Break Down Is Truly Staggering

Upsetting to say the least.
The Number Of Times Montreal's Metro Lines Break Down Is Truly Staggering

Some days, try as you might, the STM metro network simply pisses you off. Take today, for example, when the Orange line was out of service for hours on end, which no doubt miffed many Montrealers trying to get through the city.

And if you're particularly fed up with all of the service closures and downtime experienced on the STM metro network today, thinking "ugh, this always happens," then you may be somewhat justified, because 2015 was a pretty rough year for delays.

As outlined in a report on metro closures and delays published by La Presse, last year saw a stark increase in the amount of service interruptions throughout the city's subway network.

In total, 956 seperate service closures were documented by the STM, all of which delayed trains by five minutes or more. 902 incidents were recorded in 2014, so while the jump in delays isn't huge, it's still evident.

The largest culprit for service delays was the Orange Line, racking up a total of 445 seperate interruptions. Again, it's not like Montrealers really needed a reminder after the four hour delay experienced on the Orange Line today.

The Green Line fared much better in 2015, with only 117 service delays recorded, with the Blue Line racking up 114. Unsurprisingly, the far-less-used Yellow Line was the most reliable line in 2015, with only 37 service delays throughout the year.

So who's toblame for all of these interruptions in metro service? Us, apparently, as the STM cites public transit riders as the main cause for stoppage and delays. I know, this sounds like a cop out on the part of the STM, but this actually supports previous statements from the public transit company on the topic.

According to the STM, over 50% of all service interruptions are linked directly back to STM riders. Pulling on the emergency break, holding doors open for too long, and persons on the tracks are cited as some of the main ways riders interrupt metro service.

And yet, despite the staggering number of service delays experienced, the STM reported that 97.7% of riders still arrived to their destinations on time, which is actually a jump up from last year.

The somewhat counterintuitive link between the increase in service delays and reliability is explained by the fact that most of the incidents occurred during off-peak hours, states the STM.

So before you stop railing on the STM, keep in mind that they get you where you need to go (and on time) more than 90% of the time. As for folks who are miffed about the Orange Line, well, lets just hope the AZUR trains make 2016 a much better year.

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