How One App Company Turned Selfies Into Something Useful. This Is Awesome

The dawn of a new era in bra-buying technology.
How One App Company Turned Selfies Into Something Useful. This Is Awesome

Selfies have officially reached a new level of use. Before, selfies were that douchey photo you posted on your Myspace when your were twelve, or used as your FB profile pic as a way to be self-aware and hilarious while still looking good. Now? Well, the selfie can help you find the right bra size.

ThirdLove, a new app and lingerie store combo, has just launched, and the bra-size-calculating selfie is their main gimmick. Apparently something like 80% of women don't actually wear the correct bra size, and ThirdLove is looking to solve that problem with their 'patented computer vision technology,' which is pretty much a bunch of classy jargon for 'program that checks out your boobs so hard it actually calculates your bra size.' And all without having to take off your shirt. My, the age we live in...

Jokes aside, ThirdLove looks like a good resource for ladies who want to shop for bras online and not have to worry about getting the wrong size. All you gotta do is take a selfie with tight fitting shirt using the ThirdLove app, they calculate your size, and you then shop for lingerie tailored to your bust. No stuffing ladies, you gotta respect the science.

Point of creepiness: what does ThirdLove do with all of these sexy selfies they're recieveing? The company promises full privacy for users, with encryption codes used on all recieved photos. Still, ThirdLove has to keep all these photos on file for size-reference, and even state how "We may share your information with our affiliate, subsidiary and parent companies." What they deem is 'information' could have hilarious, and creepy, results.

And don't forget fellas, this is the perfect oppurtunity to gain some chest support without having to go through the embarrasment of actually getting fitted or buying a bra. Whether your sporting giant pecs or man-boobs, just take a snap shot and get your bust in order. I'm thinking I rock at least a B cup.

For more info on ThirsLove and their products/services, check'em at their official website or Facebook page. Put those selfies to use people.

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