How THC From Medical Marijuana Can Kill Cancer Cells

Dr. Christina Sanchez explains the better way to treat cancer patients.
How THC From Medical Marijuana Can Kill Cancer Cells

Photo cred - mystrangedaze

Medical marijuana is slowly, and hopefully surely, gaining more recognition within the medical community, and is actively breaking down the negative stereotype of cannabis existing solely as a "stoner drug." Recent research into the use of cannabis in fighting off cancer cells has greatly added to this change in perception, most notably the work of Dr. Christina Sanchez.

A molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Sanchez has been researching the interplay between THC and cancer cells for the last decade. Dr. Sanchez's major breakthrough and most notable finding has been how THC functions as a powerful cancer-fighting chemcial that inhibits the growth of cancer cells within the body.

Sanchez is not the only scientist delving into the applications of cannabis for cancer patients. University of London oncologist Wai Lu has also published research on the way in which cannabinoids can disrupt cancer cell production, which adds more credence to Sanchez's own research on the use of marijuana in fighting breast cancer.

Many believe marijuana's use in cancer treatment ends at pain relief. Sanchez's work showcases how cannabis has much wider applications, and can be a much more natural method of fighting off cancer. We wouldn't be able to explain the process as well as Dr. Sanchez, so let the researcher herself explain her findings in the video belowm courtesy of Cannabis Planet's Vimeo channel.

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