How To Cook Rice To Remove The Calories From It

If only we could do this with McNuggets.
How To Cook Rice To Remove The Calories From It

Photo cred - Diana Haronis

Rice is an amazing food, it's so good you could eat a thousand of them in one sitting. (okay so that's not very impressive, but it sounds good) Rice is cheap, you can find it anywhere and it goes well with everything, but rice isn't as healthy for you as you might think. Even that innocent looking bowl of steamed rice carries 200 calories composed mostly of starch. The problem is that your body loves to turn starch into sugar and then into fat.

According to the Washington Post, it's because of the type of starch found in white rice. When the starch is harder to break down, your body digests and absorbs less of it. But white rice contains the type of starch that is easily broken down by your body, so you digest more of it, your body absorbs more calories and sugar and you get a fatter ass.

There's good news though, by simply changing the chemistry of the rice when you cook it, you can make the starch harder to digest which means your bowl of rice will be a lot healthier. The method is simple, wait until the water is boiling but before adding the rice, simply add coconut oil (about 3% of your amount of rice). Then once your rice is cooked, put it in the fridge immediately for about 12 hours.

If only we could do this with McNuggets

Now here's the problem, this all sounds nice but in reality who the hell has 12 hours to make rice? That means I'd have to cook it before leaving for work in the morning if I want it ready by dinner time and I may not be in the mood for rice by then. Also if I wanted to lose 200 calories, I have 12 hours to do it. I'm pretty sure I can burn 200 calories just by chewing gum for 12 hours. But I guess if you really can't live without white rice and you're guilt ridden every time you eat it, then this is perfect for you.


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