How To Easily Transform Your Smartphone Into A Professional Camera

Shoot amazing photos and videos like a boss.
How To Easily Transform Your Smartphone Into A Professional Camera

Cameras have come a long way over the years. The very first form of the photographic process was the camera obscura, first conceived by a Chinese philosopher named Mo Ti in fifth century B.C., after discovering that light passing through a pinhole could form an inverted and focused image. It wouldn't be until sometime in the 19th century that the first permanent photograph would be created.

A view from the window at Le Gras in Bourgogne, France, captured on 20×25 cm oil-treated bitumen. As you can see, it's grainy AF, and the buildings are illuminated by the sun from both right and left due to the 8-hour exposure.

In 1839, the Susse Frères manufactured the first commercial cameracalled the Daguerreotype. It involved a fairly complicated process of capturing a latent image on polished, silver-plated copper sheets, which were treated to make its surface light-sensitive, and fumed with mercury vapor. The copper sheets were then rinsed with a liquid chemical treatment and dried to seal in the image.

Today, modern technology has made immortalizing our favourite moments as easy as pushing a button on our smartphone. We can snap literally thousands of crystal clear images at any given time, tweak them, add a plethora of real-time filters, delete them, and start  all over again as much as we like, spawning a whole generation of amateur photographers like never before.

Social media would be a pretty boring place without the plethora of images we upload everyday from our phones, and while they are generally decent quality (generally), our devices are actually much more capable than we give them credit for. In fact, it's possible to turn them into beastly professional-grade equipment with a simple Universal smartbody that allows you to easily enhance every aspect of your smartphone camera.

Whether you simply want quality photos or videos for your personal use, or are producing independent films, journalism, or event photography, the Montreal-made IndieVice™ makes it super easy and is a cost-effective way to turn your expensive smartphone into a professional piece of equipment. The IndieVice is sold with almost 100 optional accessories, from Tri-pods, to microphones (audio), to lighting, to multi-viewfinder adapters, as well as a slew of high-quality lenses (zoom, micro, macro, fish-eye, etc.), all connected via Bluetooth.

Its ergonomic body design ensures comfortable shooting, even after hours of use, and the best part of using the IndieVice™ is you don’t have any downloads, transfers or wifi uploads to worry about. Shoot, edit, and post, all from your smartphone. 

The Bluetooth battery is self-contained and offers about 8-16 hours per charge depending on usage. It's perfect for taking with you on the go to shoot action-sport videos, conferences and presentations, or special events, all without having to spend you budget on expensive equipment or learning complicated post-production techniques.

Compatible with all smartphones (yes even Blackberry), IndieVice™ even makes it easy to use your GoPro like a video camera. This is the first smartbody of its kind, offering would-be photographers such as yourself a super dynamic and simple-to-use way of harnessing the full potential of your smartphone.

Check out the IndieVice™ Facebook page and official website for more info and check out their Kickstarter page here.