Tips How You Can Find A Summer Subletter For Your Montreal Apartment

#1 Start ASAP.
Tips How You Can Find A Summer Subletter For Your Montreal Apartment

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It’s now that point in time where your mind is on Summer. The weather may refuse to submit but we all know that it’s coming. And when Summer arrives, it’s time to start thinking about if you are staying in the city. If you’re a student it’s more than likely you’re headed home to work a summer job. Or maybe you’ve decided to go travelling. Whatever the reason, you need someone to pay the rent while your away. And we’re here to help you find them.

1. Start ASAP

Like you should’ve started yesterday. There is a window when it comes to finding subletters, and it will be closed sooner than you think. So get your butt into gear son!

2. Get Yourself On Facebook

Facebook is going to be your best friend when it comes to your sublet hunt. There are so many Montreal based subletter groups of people looking for exactly what your selling. The two groups I have had the most luck with are the International Student Apartments and Sublets For Gypsys.

3. Post Everywhere You Can

Even though Facebook is mad helpful, that still doesn’t mean you can slack on posting other places. You have to get on Craigslist, Kijji, Indeed, Airbnb, EVERYTHING. Don’t hold back. The more outreach you get the more chance you’ll have of connecting to someone who is interested. Also if you can make the post bilingual!

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4. Stay Updated

Also after you post your heart out, you can’t just leave it and expect for people to continuously come to you. You should try and repost every week, to make sure everyone is seeing your ad.

5. Keep On Communication

Okay, I know you’re busy. You’ve got school, friends, a job or two. But the absolute worst thing you can do is put off communicating with potential subletters. The second you get an email, jump on it. Have the come see the place as soon as they can, answer any questions they have as soon as they pose them. It’s more than probable that this person is looking at multiple apartments in Montreal. You don’t want to get beat out.

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6. Make Use Of Your Friends

Seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to use this. Make it known to your friends and acquaintances that you are in “desperate” need of a subletter. If you plant that see in their brain, then there is more potential they will mention you when the conversation comes up. People underestimate the power of the tangible social network.

7. Include Furniture/Utilities

Only if it’s possible. But I’m gonna tell you right now that people are ten million times more likely to sublet an apartment that’s furnished over one that isn’t. No one wants to buy furniture for a temporary apartment.

8. Make Your Place Look Amazing

In every aspect of the word. Clean your butt off. Take pictures in natural light. And when people come to visit, make sure your place is looking it’s best. Little things like taking out the garbage and making your bed really do make a difference on someone’s first impression.

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9. Don’t Waste Time On “Maybe”

Finally, don’t waste your time on people who are trying to string you along. If someone is actually interested in your place, they’ll take the steps to let you know. But if they are saying they’re not sure, but they want you to hold the place for them, don’t bother. Real estate is a cut throat business, so you’ve got to be savvy to the tips and tricks.