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How To Fully Enjoy Montreal Pizza Season

The lowdown and restos in MTL's city-wide pizza event running until Nov. 23rd.
How To Fully Enjoy Montreal Pizza Season

It is here Montreal, Pizza Season, a 6 week celebration of the MTL food staple (Oct 12-Nov 23), is officially upon us. An event to promote the many pizza vendors in Montreal, rather than a competition, Pizza season exists to allow restaurant owners and pizza eaters alike the chance to gain notoriety and awesome prizes. Check out the video below for a basic rundown:

It really is that easy people. Go out, eat pizza, and tell the city about how much you loved it. Just be sure to register online at the official Pizza Season website, and use these hashtags in your choice of social media: #PizzaSeason/#SaisonDeLaPizza. 

The full restaurant list is not yet solidified, but here are the participating restaurants so far. Each will unveil a special pizza for the season, so be sure to check in on their individual profiles at the Pizza Season website before your go in for a slice.

Weinstein & Gavino's (1434 Rue Crescent)

Pizza Motta (303 Avenue Mozart Est)

Tomato la boite à pizza (4319 St Denis  Montreal)

La Molisana (1014 Rue Fleury Est)

Restaurant Lajoie (1239 Avenue Lajoie)

More restaurants are pending (Bottega, Bevo & Dolcetto Co. to name a few) and don't hesitate to add to the list! If you have a favourite place, be sure to let the restaurant know and shoot a message (on any social media platform) to @thepizzaseason to get your resto on the list.

Pizza Season is all about the love of pizza, so show some love and get eating Montreal!

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