How To Get A Free Cab Ride & VIP Passes To Igloofest 2015

Photo cred - Igloofest

Walking all the way to the Old Port for Igloofest is simply out of the question; it's too cold and you'll be outside during most of the event and you should be minimizing any time spent in the arctic air. Your best bet is the metro, or better yet, a cab that'll bring you right to the front gates of Igloofest, which you can get for free, with some added swag thrown in.

Uber has partnered up with Igloofest and musical duo/Igloofest performers Detroit Swindle to create a pretty dope contest. Just by entering a promo code (IGLOOSWINDLE) on Uber you can win a free ride to Igloofest, get to meet Detroit Swindle, and get two VIP passes, toques included.

The contest is only applicable for the first day of Igloofest, which is this Friday, January 16th. You'll need to register/enter in the contest before the date, however, as the winners will be announced Friday morning. Head over to Uber's blog for more details.

But even if you don't win, you can still get a free cab ride to Igloofest. Enter the promo code IGLOOFEST15 and you'll get a legit $20 off of your Uber ride, which is more than enough to pay for (or at least most of) a cab to the Old Port from your place.

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