How To Get A FREE Month Of Bus/Metro Rides On Your OPUS Card

Save some cash and stress with OPUS à l'année.
How To Get A FREE Month Of Bus/Metro Rides On Your OPUS Card

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Every time a new month begins, every STM rider has starts to have that anxious feeling, a brewing fear that they're OPUS card won't be valid/charged the next time they take the bus or metro. The one-day grace period is great, but more than a few of us have totally forgot to re-charge our OPUS cards for the 2nd of the month. OPUS à l'année remedies that problem entirely, while giving you a whole free month of service.

OPUS à l'année is a pretty simple concept: subscribe to a whole month of service on the STM (which can be done online), receive a (free) new OPUS card, and proceed to use it for the entire year. Benefits include not having to wait in line to recharge your card, BIXI discounts in the summer, a 20% discount for recent graduates, and best of all/what made you click this article, get a free month of service.

To capitalize on the STM's offered free month of service for signing up for OPUS à l'année, you'll need to subscribe by Thursday, December 11th. Get your 12th month of service free by subscribing for OPUS à l'année here, and learn more about the service and its perks here.

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