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How To Get A McDonald's Monopoly Game Piece In Canada Without Buying Any Food

Win prizes without buying anything from McDonald's!
How To Get A McDonald's Monopoly Game Piece In Canada Without Buying Any Food

McDonald's Monopoly is back!

The nationwide game has already attracted thousands of participants.

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TL;DR Follow the 8 steps below to receive a monopoly game piece without buying any food!

At stake are some pretty huge prizes, including $10,000 cash and Xbox video game consoles!

Smaller prizes, like gift cards and furniture, are also up for grabs.

To play, you need to collect special Canada-themed monopoly game pieces that come with certain McDonald's purchases. 

Some game pieces are worth a lot more than others.

But there's also a secret loophole you can exploit to obtain a game piece without ever ordering food at McDonald's!

Via McDonald's Canada

Follow these steps carefully, it's a little confusing:

First, fill out a white envelope as if you were mailing it to yourself and affix a postage stamp.

Next, fill out another envelope with this address:

2018 MONOPOLY® “Coast to Coast” Game
at McDonald’s Game Piece Request,
P.O. Box 314, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada,
E2L 3Y2

Place the first envelope within the second envelope.

Ensure that the return address on the second envelope matches the send address on the first envelope. Affix a postage stamp to the outer envelope.

Information on both envelopes must be hand-written.

Most importantly, you must not send any other material, including questions or comments, within either of the envelopes.

Mail the envelope no later than November 12, 2018.

Once McDonald's receives this "request," it will send back one monopoly game piece and two game stamps.

Good luck, Canada!


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