How To Get Famous Without Making A Sex Tape

Breaking the internet, the right way.
How To Get Famous Without Making A Sex Tape

it has come to my attention that everyone these days is addicted to the feeling of being famous. So much that we've got girls shaking their A$$ on camera, and guys filming it to post it online. Sounds familiar? And what can we say when those girls shaking their A$$ on camera happen to have a net worth of over $50 million dollars. Yup. I know. BUT

There are other ways that one can climb the ladder to success... A cleaner way

such as traveling the world like Jay Alvarez or owning a swimsuit company like Natasha Oakley . Did you know there's actually a step-by-step guide to becoming famous? And I'm not talking about typing "How to get famous" on Google. (I've tried that and their 4 simple steps won't get you very far)

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Instead, I've done some research on the ones who have made it- and here's what I found out:

Becoming famous, in any field, takes a lot of time, work and dedication to be recognized as the BEST in that particular field. I followed some of the biggest names in the game, and this is the philosophy they practice on a daily basis in order to stay on top.

1. Be the best

Kill the competition. If you want to be recognized at anything you do, you need to beat your competition. Learn from your idols, and then make them your rivals.

2. Have an unbeatable work ethic

#justdoit. Don’t push it off until tomorrow, or next week. Build yourself a schedule with attainable short-term goals and review them until you can check it off your to-do list.

3. Take care of your temple

Your body, mind and soul is a precious gift. Take care of it very well. Get up and work out, get a trainer (you can choose one here), eat well, and look sharp at all times. The way you present yourself is everything to others who don’t know you. As the saying goes, fake it till you make it.

4. Bounce back from failure

Fall seven times, get up eight. You may fail, but it is not failure if you are learning (and don’t repeat the same mistake of course). Get up try again, until you succeed. Don’t listen to others who don’t see your vision, they are just clouding your thoughts. If you believe in your idea, the rest is irrelevant.

5. Ignore conventional wisdom

Because it's often neither. If everyone is going right, go left. Sometimes, being conventional won't help you get what you want. Experience might teach you things you didn't know, but it could also make you repeat history, which is outdated. Trust your instincts.

6. Build on your brand

Trademark yourself. Keep growing. Build more networks, talk to others in the same field, ask for help. Whatever you do, just make sure you always know more than you did yesterday.

7. Surround yourself with the right people

People inspire you, or they drain you - pick wisely. If you surround yourself with positive people who are on the same page as you, you will motive each other. Get a mentor. Learn from others. If you want to be successful, hang out with people who have the same mindset as you. Success begets success.

8. Be a rule breaker

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, i'm possible. Don’t listen to statistics that prove you may have a chance of failing - stick to your ONE goal, and don’t move away from it.

9. Be grateful

Don't take anything for granted, EVER. There is always something to be thankful for. Remember, someone out there is dying to be where you are today. So if you're not doing it for you, do it for them, do it because you have an opportunity that your parents or grandparents didn't. Be thankful that you CAN choose to do what you want for the rest of your life. That's the kind of freedom half the world still wishes they had.

10. Give back

Pay it forward. If others need you, help them. Remember that at the end of the day, the world is about "we" not "me".

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