How To Get Food In Montreal For Really Cheap

You'd be foolish to pass this one up.

Photo cred - Mbrgr Montreal

You tell yourself everyday that the soggy sandwich you bring with you to school to eat between classes will be enough, but let's be real, that warm, delicious burrito across the street calling your name, generally wins every time. With amazing restaurants on literally every single street corner, eating out is easy, but so damn hard on your wallet.

So what's a Montrealer on a budget to do when surrounded by so many tempting food options all the time? If only there was some kind of free app that not only geo-locates restaurants around you, but also gives you huge real-time discounts for these restaurants directly on your smartphone? Like 15% - 100% discounts. Well, the future is now friends.

MyPiece is a Montreal-made app that's free to download, doesn't require any credit cards, and will basically make eating out virtually impossible to avoid. The first of its kind in Canada, MyPiece populates deals for over 150+ top restaurants in the city at any given time of day.

Deals are updated every hour on the hour, and since restaurants can post deals for free in under a minute, new restaurants are being added all the time. Really, you'd be foolish not to get this app, unless, you know, you like paying full-price for stuff.

Check out the MyPiece website and download the app for free here.