How To Get Free Art In Montreal This Week

A Timeraiser silent auction like no other.
How To Get Free Art In Montreal This Week

In a beautiful world, everyone is considered an artist, but let's be honest, very few of us are capableof creating true works of art, at least not good enough to actually want to display on your wall. The truly talented artists out there either don't have the kind of exposure they need to make an impact, or you don't have the kind of budget to acquire the really good stuff. That's why Timeraiser (Bénévotemps) is hosting a very unique event at the Phi Centre, kicking off at 6pm on April 30th, that showcases the best emerging local artists and gives you the chance to support them without having to spend a dime.

The Montreal Timeraiser is a dynamic vernissage event where young professionals and art-lovers alike get the chance to bid on legit contemporary works from both commercial and not-for-profit galleries. But here's the twist - you don't need any dollar bills at this silent auction - just your time. Instead of money, volunteer hours are the currency used at Timeraiser.

Timeraiser is a national movement that's been around for 12 years. This is the 4th event in Montreal which has invested over $1 million for emerging Canadian artists and raised over 146, 000 volunteer hours across the country for deserving nonprofits.

Throughout the evening of April 30, participants network with various organizations to discuss various volunteer opportunities available. Once matches are made, let the bidding begin! Winning your bid then gives you 12 months to complete your pledge, collecting the valuable artwork at the end as a reward for your good deed. The best part is, artists get paid for their work. It's a win win win.

Whether you’re a contemporary art lover, emerging arts patron, or looking to engage with your community, Timeraiser is the only event of its kind that offers the perfect way for young professionals with valuable skill sets to connect with quality nonprofits. Sharpen your CV by lending your skills as a board member, social media or digital strategy manager, graphic designer, or web developer for local nonprofits.

Timeraiser is also a great night out. The party will be held at the phenomenal Phi Centre, Montreal's epicentre for creative minds, renown for hosting some of the city's most stylish and conceptual cultural events.  DJ Kapture will be spinning tracks all night long, comedian Mike Gowing will be emceeing, and a special guest artist will be creating a live art piece that will be up for auction as well. Not to mention, there will be plenty of cocktails to keep you moist and some tasty nibbles to go along with it all. Plus, many of the artists will be mingling with the crowd so you can connect directly even if you don't win the piece you want.

If you're culturally engaged, have your finger on the pulse of the city, and looking for ways to give back, don't miss out on this unique event.

Check out the Facebook event and website for all the details.

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