How To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend Right Now

Remember these four words: you can do better.
How To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend Right Now

It happens to the best of us. But don't forget - you can do better, everything happens for a reason, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and timing is everything, right? Wrong. Healing over a break up is emotionally exhausting, and it takes progressive steps to grieve properly and be able to move on.

Here's the five steps of grieving over a relationship.

1. Stay Busy.

After a relationship, it is very important to keep your schedule busy. You do not want one minute to yourself. The busier you are doing other things and thinking about other things the better. This is why independent women (or alpha-females) always have an easier time getting over their ex's.

2. Go Have Fun.

Call your girlfriends and go out. You've been investing so much time in your relationship that you forgot what "fun" actually means between your girls. Get together, go for dinner, have shots and talk about everything and anything.

3. Let Loose.

It is important to do something you've never done before: go sky diving, run a marathon, challenge yourself. When you do something you've never done before you're opening your mind to a completely different world, feeling senses you didn't know you could feel. Time to ignite those senses.

4. Spend time with yourself.

When you're put in your uncomfortable zone, you learn a lot about yourself... and a break up is one hell of an uncomfortable zone. By spending time with yourself, you learn to deal with your emotions and you learn a lot about how to pick yourself up when you are down. We love to listen to our friends' advice, however there is often a disconnect between how we feel and the advice that our girls give us.

5. Meet new people.

Rebound time! (just kidding)... but seriously get out there and meet new people. Meeting new people allows you to change your routine, change your thought process and more importantly trigger emotions that you have been lacking since your break up. The key is to chose your points of contact wisely.

It's that easy.

And if none of these work, just go back to your ex. You're clearly not getting over it.