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How To Get The Most Out Of

How to navigate through the new interface of MTL Blog.
How To Get The Most Out Of

Don't know if you guys noticed, but MTL Blog got a bit of a makeover last week. Its okay if you didn't say anything, we know how sexy we look. With a new face comes some new additions and changes to the site, as we've added some killer new categories and features to the site, all for your viewing and reading pleasure. For long time MTL Blog fans, or those entirely new to what we do, here is a brief rundown of how to get the most out of MTL Blog.

The Homepage and Beyond

Here's where it all begins, the homepage. More in your face than ever before, you get the best of what we have to offer as soon as you get to the site. Featured articles will be right at the top, with the largest cover photo right there for you to click on. Which you should, since if we put it as our mainpage article, we know you're gonna dig it.

Don't be afraid to scroll down though. Not all articles will be a frontpage feature, so look right underneath to find articles posted in chronological order. Feel free to keep on scrolling, as new posts will keep on coming at you, so you're never bored. Looking for a specific type of article? Well just look to the new and improved categories to find what you need.

Get Categorized

Right next to our sexy logo, on any page of the site, are the seven new sections of MTL Blog. Go Out, your reference to everything happening in Montreal, and Photos, to check yourself out afterwards, are still there, along with these additions:

Keep Current - Montreal's resource for whats new and exciting in the world of news, politics and life in Montreal

Eat & Drink- Like the name sounds, the sexiest foodgasms and drinks on the web, plus the best bars and restos Montreal has to offer

Art - Get cultured with our choice picks of videoes, photography, music and fashion specific to Montreal and the world.

Voices - Our brand new section for columns, all originally created by MTL Blog's awesome writers. Get your MTL hate on with the Angry Anglophone, hear crazy stories from the service industry in Tales of a Waitress, take a look at the best and worst parts about being young in Montreal with That 20's Life, and get acquainted with the latest slang in Word on the Street.

TV - That's right, MTL Blog has its own original video section. Hosted by David Adelman, each video takes you head first into Montreal nightlife.

Your Montreal Weather Report

To fully be your one-stop go-to site for everything Montreal related, we've included the weather on our homepage. Everyone in Montreal knows how important the weather is to nearly everything we do, especially when it comes to going out. Is it too warm for a Winter coat? It it too cold to show some skin? Well now we've got you covered. Find a sweet event and learn how to dress appropriately, all on MTL Blog.

To List or Not To List

Don't deny your love for MTL Blog's many listed articles. Fun, smart, and chock full of content, listed articles are your favourite thing ever. Right? Well, okay, one complaint we've gotten is how you have to click through every single page to see the entire piece. One part of me wants to say 'boo hoo, you have to click a few times? God you're life is hard," but another part of me feels for you. But now, no one has anything to gripe about.

Right after you click the initial list-button on the first page of any listed article (e.g. "click here to get started") a series of numbers and a new 'un-list button' will appear on the next page. On the top left of the image for that page will be a symbol made up of 3 dots with lines coming out of them, that is the 'un-list button' which will put all of the article's info on one page for you. If you like to scroll rather than click, use this new feature to your advantage.

We're always looking to improve our site for our fanbase, so feel free to let us know what you think does/doesn't work on the site. Got a killer suggestion for something to add? Say so in the comments below.

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