Prove You're A Better Driver Than Your Friends

And save money at the same time.
Prove You're A Better Driver Than Your Friends

Photo cred - Doug Caribb

Montrealers are unfortunately known for being notoriously bad drivers, at least according to many an outsider. No one uses indicators, everyone speeds at least 20km over the speed limit, using our brakes is optional, and lord knows this city don't sleep, which means that our less-than-stellar driving habits are often extended (and heightened) during the wee overnight hours.

While this may be a point of pride for some of us, being a reckless driver is obviously no bueno and ain't no one got time for speeding tickets. But self-regulation is hard, amirite? If only there was some kind of easy-to-use technology that kept track of your essential driving stats to not only help improve your driving, but also save you loads of money at the same time.

The Ajusto app, designed by Desjardins Insurance, is free and can save you up to 25% on your car insurance just for being a good driver. If you're not already a stellar driver (no judgment), the app will help you fix your bad habits. Available on both the iPhone and Android devices, Ajusto is super simple to use and allows you to monitor your driving habits for every trip, right on your smartphone.

Your score is calculated based on four criteria only.

  • Driving smoothness (fast acceleration, hard braking and hard cornering)
  • Speed
  • Time of day traveled
  • Distance traveled

The dashboard gives you real-time results (after each trip) along with your score and your potential savings. And beating your friends' score in the Me Vs My Friends feature is always satisfying.

Okay, so Ajusto won't magically turn you into the epitome of the perfect driver, but the potential savings you can benefit from just by respecting some basic stats is definitely great motivation.

Download a free no-obligation trial version on the App Store or Google Play, and check out the Ajusto website to learn more.