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How To Make Lola Rosa's Vegan Green Curry In Your Own Kitchen

A full vegan meal is only a recipe away.
How To Make Lola Rosa's Vegan Green Curry In Your Own Kitchen

Photo cred - Pabo76

Eating vegan is kinda hard due to limited resto options. Arguably even more difficult, at least for the uninitiated in the vegan life, is cooking vegan. No butter, no dairy, and no meat can pose a pretty big obstacle to some, although making a legit vegan meal is easier than you would think, and Lola Rosa on Parc's head chef Emeric Hommey will show you how.

Anyone who has been to either Lola Rosa location on Parc or in the McGill Ghetto knows the resto does vegetarian/vegan cuisine incredibly well. Not only are their nachos some of the best in the city, but the Lola Rosa boasts a very large meatless, vegan, and gluten-free menu, which includes their incredibly tasty vegan green curry.

Loaded with veggies, tofu, and made creamy with the addition of coconut milk, Lola Rosa's vegan green curry is everything you want in a winter meal. Filling, warming, and above all delicious, this is a curry you'll want to make for yourself, because who wants to go outside all the way to Lola Rosa in this weather?

Head chef Hommey gave the basic breakdown to The Gazette on how he makes Lola Rosa's vegan green curry, which you can read right here. Thankfully the recipe is pretty simple, and has a lot of wiggle room for ingredients, meaning you can make the curry with whatever you may have on-hand or in season.

Live the vegan life in 2015 with Lola Rosa's vegan green curry, which is so good you won't even miss the meat. Once more, read the recipe here.

Photo cred - Lola Rosa via The Gazette

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