This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $25/Hour To Play Video Games

Working part-time has never been this much fun.
This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $25/Hour To Play Video Games

While it used to be something only "nerds" played hidden away in their parents' basement, those little computer screens we carry around with us in our pockets at all times have made video games more popular than ever. In fact, most of us are now completely addicted to at least one mobile game or another, and they are just getting better every day.

To deliver these totally immersive and addictive experiences, however, game developers need to playtest them first. That's where experienced gamers play an unreleased game, or unreleased levels of an existing game, to see whether or not it's fun, too easy, too difficult, what should be improved, what was frustrating, etc., and help make sure the product is as good as it can be.

Montreal-based qa on request performs exactly these types of playtests and is currently recruiting passionate testers for the job. But unlike most other video game companies in the city, who perform playtests in a controlled environment and offer little to no pay, qa on request not only allows you to play from the comfort of your own home, but actually pays $25-$30 an hour to do so. Get paid to play video games in our undies? Yes please!

So if you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, you know, the kind that loves to make it to the end of a game only to wait impatiently for updates, or you have a friend who is completely addicted to Candy Crush and spends every waking hour playing it (you know who you are), this could be the dream job. Being a playtester is great opportunity to be heard by developers and ultimately shape the future of your favorite mobile video games, all while making some extra cash on your spare time.

Check out qa on request's website to sign up to participate in upcoming playtests or send them an email at: