How to Make Sure Your Airbnb Host Isn't Secretly Filming You With A Hidden Camera

Airbnb's are more and more common nowadays, with people renting our their spaces for cheaper than hotels. 

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With so many options, from chalets to apartments, you can't go wrong! It's no wonder that this is a traveler's preferred method of accommodation. 

Like most of you, I prefer to have my own space, rather than sharing common areas with other travelers. I'm also sure like most of you I've wondered whether the host of the Airbnb placed hidden cameras throughout their space. 

If you haven't heard, this actually happened recently to a couple staying in an Airbnb in Toronto! Where they found a hidden camera tucked neatly inside an alarm clock. 

Luckily the guest figured this out at the beginning of their stay.  Talk about having a good intuition! 

Ok so now that we know people are placing hidden cameras in their homes when they rent them out,  you should definitely have a way to detect this. 

Obviously cameras can be so tiny, they could be hidden in practically anything from- pens, buttons, stuffed animals, and clocks. So you shouldn't just be relying on your sight to spot these- because that's time consuming and nearly impossible!

So instead, use a device that can detect hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS tracking by detecting Radio Frequency detection. 

Via Amazon

The reviews on this device are great too, with almost 5 stars and 264 customers giving a rating. 

The size of the detector is small- great for being portable and taking with you to any hotel or Airbnb you stay in. There are also five detection modes- from laser, vibration, beep, LED, and headset. 

Ultimately vacations are for relaxing, not worrying whether someone is spying on you, so protect yourself! 

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