How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger Without Plastic Surgery

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How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger Without Plastic Surgery

As women age, they have to deal with all kinds of unpleasant body changes. Our metabolism slows down, we get stretch marks, wrinkles AND we lose perkiness in areas that we wished could stay perky forever. WTF, nature?! W-T-F! Well, there are actually a few tricks that can help turn the biological clock back around and make our tatas look nice and voluptuous. Without further ado, I present to you the ultimate list of things you could do to make your boobs look bigger and better fast.

1. Push-up bra/tape

Everyone knows about push-up bras, of course. But did you know you could actually tape your boobs to instantly take them from 'saggy old lady' to 'young toned teenager' look? This trick is especially handy if you decide to wear an open back dress.

2. Contouring

Yes, using make up for your cleavage area is actually a thing. Contouring works so well on our faces, why not use it to enhance other areas? It's genius! You can even use regular eye shadow to create the volume effect everyone loves. Try it right now, have fun with it.

Photo cred - Lelong

3. Stuff your bra

A good ol' sock always works, but you can also opt for more commercial tools like medical grade silicone inserts. They can make your boobs gain a full cup size which is pretty awesome.

4. Optical illusions

Plunging necklines decorated with embellishments or ruffles instantly make your boobs look bigger. That must be the quickest and easiest trick on this list! Minimal effort, optimal gain.

5. Exercise + posture

Exercises such as simple push-ups can make a huge difference. They hit almost every major muscle group as well as those troublesome areas. Right posture will also make an instantly visible difference. Slouchy posture results in saggy looking boobs. So keep your back straight, ladies!