How To Make Your Very Own Montreal Smoked Meat At Home

Photo cred - ladyandpups

Montreal smoked meat can only truly be enjoyed in the city. Usually that means heading out to one of the city's smoked meat shops (just not Schwartz's) which involves actually leaving your home, a real struggle in the winter. Unlike poutine, or even bagels, you can't make your own MTL smoked meat, because you need a huge smoker right? Wrong.

Food blog Lady And Pups has a very legit, and surprisingly easy, how-to guide of how to make your own Montreal smoked meat with everything you have at home. No smoker needed, you just need a lot of time and the desire to eat tons of smoked meat, the latter of which I know you have in spades.

The only peculiar things you need to buy are a bunch of different spices. Buy your own pickling spice to save time, then just get black peppercorns, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, some hickory smoked sea salt (not sure how necessary this really is), a nice hunk of beef brisket, and you're set.

Read the detailed breakdown here, and see a visual walkthrough below, all photos courtesy of Lady And Pups.

Create a brine (water + sugar + spices), let it cool, and put the meat in for 3 days

Make the spice crust, rinse the meat, then press coating all over

Cover meat in aluminum foil, let it get to room temperature, then put in 220ºF for 12 hours

Steam the meat for 45ish minutes, which can easily be done in a big wok or above a pot with a strainer

Rest meat for ten minutes, slice, and serve

Must be put into sandwich on rye with mustard, obviously

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