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How To Open A St-Hubert Box Without Using Scissors

Those white strips are made of steel!
How To Open A St-Hubert Box Without Using Scissors

St-Hubert is one of Quebec's most recognizable brands so if you eat chicken, chances are you've tried it at least once.

But if you've ever ordered St-Hubert for delivery you may have noticed one small flaw: The boxes are freakin' impossible to open! (You know exactly what I'm talking about.)

I get that they want to protect the food (Probably from ninjas), but do they really need to use the world's toughest packing strips?

Not only that, but there are 2 strips per box, so when you don't have access to scissors, opening a St-Hubert is an exercise in futility.

I've tried ripping it off, but just ended up warping the box. I once tried chewing it off, but quickly gave up. But it turns out there is a much simpler way.

Here's what to do:

The packing strips connect underneath the box but the end is glued solid so there's no way to pull on it.

Via Jeremy Hazan

However if you squeeze your finger between the box and the strip, you'll notice that the other end isn't glued.

Via Jeremy Hazan

All you have to do is pull and you're good to go.

Via Jeremy Hazan

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