How To Party: Thrift Shop Style

If you don't know about our event this Friday April 5th "Thrift Party w/ Heart Streets + Royalty + DJ Jetpac", find a friend, any friend, and push them into oncoming traffic because they know about it but just didn't tell you. So mark the time and place on your calendar and shop your ass off where the corner bum gets his clothes. Homeless style would be a great look, just avoid the smell of piss and please shower before you attend.

Fashion Tips

Styles in this day and age reflect those of fifty years in the past. What your grandparents are wearing is most likely something similar to the display rack at your local urban outfitters. We challenge you to find something out of the ordinary for our next big party. Yes you could probably show up in regular attire but you wont stand out at all, but; if you go all out and spend that ten bucks you found in a public bathroom on some awesome thrift shop gear that's as fresh as it was forty-five years ago, you'll be the talk of the crowed.

  • Ugly sweaters
  • Anything with a cat on it
  • Anything that was on t.v. in the 50's
  • Fur
  • Faded jeans
  • Your grandparents glasses
  • Argyle
  • Tacky vests
  • Anything with old cartoons or Disney characters

Guys and girls, I knew you were concerned about looking sexy. How can you show some skin to flirt and have some fun in the presence of the opposite sex you ask? Well it's obvious isn't it: Guys wear the tightest clothing you'll fit into, hell if it rips it could help your cause of seducing the ladies. For you girls, you know how to make anything look sexy ;) Just find some outer wear and lose the rest.

We know you all know how to make any party a sexy party and we look forward to seeing it happen. Every party MTL Blog puts on we are thrilled with the turnout of the audience and their fantastic fun behavior, let's see what you got Montreal.

Have fun with it

Find clothes that you don't think any one will find anywhere else, there are a lot of hidden gems at any thrift shop. Don't hesitate to go overboard, i doubt you're going to go broke buying two dollar shirts and five dollar coats. If you get uncomfortable wearing such goofy clothes, just do as the hipsters do: act like you don't give a damn about what any one else thinks (really hipsters care the most, it's obvious ...).whisper "whatever" to yourself and others as much as you need to and when the booze kicks in you'll be fine, there will be plenty at the party. Dig deep and find the fun in dressing like an idiot, some people do it daily. Maybe ask someone on the street how they dress like such a fool (prepare to run).

How to act

How to act at a thrift shop party is strictly up to you, as long as you stay within the lines of the law......well for the most part. Act and do as you usually do, and if we know you as well as we think we do, you're no novice. When you get to the rager mode, pump shots or beers down your throat until your mood is right. We can already see you dancing your ass off to the radical music we will be providing with the help of some up and coming Montreal stage rockers. Make new friends with the wonderful crowd. We have met many fun friends and party goers at these events. Last thing is a biggie, of course we want to see you getting down and dirty for crazy pics for our photographers, we want to show the world how amazing our party people are.

How it's going down

The thrift shop party, presented by (the great and powerful :) ) MTL Blog is going to be another party for the story books. Heart Streets, Royalty and DJ Jetpack  will be blowing the roof off the place so hopefully it's nice outside. Plan to party like a teen in the clothes of a baby boomer as you rage on with no regrets. With this line-up of artists and the list of attendees you're going to kick yourself in the ass with those two dollar heels or loafers you bought if you get too drunk to make it out. If you don't go at all,  well your ass will get the same beating from a friends shoe because they surely had a great time. So gear up your coin drawer and shop till you drop in preparation for one of the years best parties.

See Montreal's thrift shops here

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