How To Spot A Montreal Basic B!tch

Basic b!tches as far as eye can see...
How To Spot A Montreal Basic B!tch

A "basic bitch" is a trendy slang term that will most probably die in 2016, but it's quite relevant at the moment. So who exactly is a basic bitch? In a nutshell, she is about everything popular and mainstream. There's nothing wrong with being a basic bitch, by the way. There's nothing exciting about being one either.

Basic bitches walk among us and might not be easily spottable to the untrained eye. Have no fear though, I'm here to help. Without further ado, here are a few signs that will help you spot a Montreal basic bitch in no time.

1. She's singing along to Taylor Swift while shopping on St.Catherine street

"I knew you were trouble when you walked iiiiin"

2. She literally can't right now

Like, OMG, did you hear The WEEKND is coming to Montreal? Literally dying right now.

3. She's wearing UGGS

It doesn't matter if it's hot outside. UGGS are a fashion statement, k?

Photo cred - Giphy

4. She's way too excited for pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks

She can't wait for fall fashion, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes.

5. She believes in hashtags

Her Instagram is over saturated with hashtags #blessed #lovemylife #ootd #ootn #youcantsitwithus #Montreal

6. She's wearing a flower band at Osheaga

And high waisted shorts with classic Converse shoes.

7. She knows that Sundays are for Beachclub or Piknic Electronik

Now you know where to find her and her main bitches on Sundays.

8. She has a basic bitch tattoo

A feather, an inspirational quote, an anchor, birds flying away, etc.

Photo cred - Instacouples

9. She calls her boyfriend "bae"

Caption - "Relaxing weekend in Tremblant with my bae #blessed #loveyou #loveofmylife #myeverything"

10. She's a serial Snapchatter

Everyone needs to know what she's up to every single second of her life.