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How To Spot A Montreal Fvckboy

Every girl's nightmare.
How To Spot A Montreal Fvckboy

You might remember this article where I helped you spot Montreal basic bitches... I now invite you to take a look at another interesting specimen - Montreal fuckboys. What's a fuckboy you ask? I'll explain. A fuckboy, also known as "fuccboi" or "fuckboi" is a popular slang term that is used to describe the "worst kind of guy" you can imagine. According to urban dictionary, a fuckboy is the ultimate degenerate of the universe. Fuckboys walk among us and might not even realize their own true nature. Have no fear though, I'm here to help. Here are 10 things that will help you spot a Montreal fuckboy.

1. He asks you for nudes

He constantly asks you for nudes. He'll even try and make you feel like you owe him nudes - don't fall for these guilt trip manipulations. A fuckboy prefers your nudes over actually hanging out with you. He'll go as far as cancelling plans with you, but he will still slide into your DMs, like "Hey, what's up".

2. He's a fan of dick pics

I posted a dick pic guide a couple of days ago. Well, a fuckboy couldn't care less about all these rules. He'll send you tons of dick pics whether you like it or not.

3. He's into swag

You can easily spot a Montreal fuckboy by the way he dresses. He loves "swag". If he remotely resembles Justin Bieber - he's a fuckboy. If he posts close ups of his clothing items on social media - he's a fuckboy. If he's wearing an inappropriately low v-neck and trims his chest hair - he's a fuckboy.

4. Selfies

Gym selfies and/or mirror selfies? Fuckboys think they're really hot and everyone needs to know that.

5. He invites you for "Netflix and chill"

Instead of taking you out for dinner, a fuckboy asks you to come over and chill. The bad news - he doesn't actually want to chill with you, if you know what I mean. Wanna mess with your fuckboy? Tell him to take you to one of these places and see how fast he stops texting you back.

6. He brags about his sexual conquests

If he tells you how many girls he's hooked up with, run! Like, "You know Amanda that works at Buona? I have a bunch of her nudes in my phone, wanna see?" He might also say how big of a hoe his EX is or something... that's typical fuckboy behavior.

7. He only texts you after sundown

Fuckboys text at the most inappropriate hours. Things like, "Where are you?" or "Wanna chill?" after 3am is a good indication of his fuckboyness. Also, he will never call you. Fuckboy's favorite methods of communication are texting and Snapchat.

8. He says things like "Bros before hoes" or "Hoes be like"

He obviously prefers the company of his bros over yours too.

9. He's a club rat

You know where to find him every Friday and Saturday - he's popping bottles with his bros at a club. Sundays are for Piknic Electronik or Beachclub, by the way.

10. He doesn't have a job

And probably still lives with his parents in Westmount. If you ask him why he's still living with his folks, he'll say something like "They need me" or "I'm moving out really soon". He's not moving out anytime soon though...

Bonus - You met on Tinder?

He's a fuckboy.

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