How To Spot A Russian Girl In Montreal

It's easier than you think.
How To Spot A Russian Girl In Montreal

Remember how I told you that you absolutely needed a Russian girlfriend in your life? Well, now that you're on a hunt for Russian girls, I want to help you identify one just by seeing her walking on the street, grocery shopping or doing other normal things people do. There are actually a bunch of things that differentiate a Russian girl from other Montreal girls. Don't get me wrong, we still represent this city in our own unique way. Essentially, we symbolize what Montreal is about - diversity. So here are 10 things that will help you spot a Russian girl in Montreal.

1. High heels

Yes, a lot of girls wear high heels, but Russian girls take it to a whole different level. Ice storm? Snow storm? Tornado? It doesn't matter, a Russian girl will wear high heels regardless. The higher, the better, of course.

2. Make up

Even if it's 9 a.m. on a Sunday and you're grocery shopping at Loblaws - a Russian girl will stand out with the amount of make up she's wearing. Don't be surprised with bright red lipstick, she just wants to look pretty.

3. Hair

There are very slim chances of meeting a Russian girl with messy hair. She's always perfectly coiffed. Another very common characteristic to bear in mind - bleach blonde hair.

4. Accent

That's an obvious one! If you overhear her talk and you hear the stereotypical Russian mafia accent - boom! Done.

5. Fur

Russian women love fur! As soon as you see a girl wearing a fur coat, there is at least a 95% chance that she's Russian.

6. Manicure

Most Russian girls love to take care of themselves. They take manicures and pedicures very seriously. Whether they're rocking long claws or a simple French manicure, it doesn't matter - generally, you will never see a Russian girl with filthy nails.

7. Fashion

Russian girls tend to opt for very questionable fashion statements sometimes. Their motto? The flashier, the better. Look for Swarovski crystals, bright colors and large designer logos.

8. Designer sunglasses

Russian girls LOVE designer eyewear. You will never meet a Russian girl wearing simple, no-name sunglasses. Chanel, D&G, Prada... these are some of our favorite brands.

9. No smile

Yes, it's true - we never smile at strangers. That's just how we roll. As soon as you see a gorgeous girl with a resting bitch face, there are very good chances that she's Russian.

10. Attitude

Generally, Russian girls come with a lot of attitude. If you're at a restaurant and you overhear something like, "I'd like a salad with dressing on the side, a glass of water and three slices of lemon"... Yep, she's probably Russian, my friend.