How To Survive A Moose Attack

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How To Survive A Moose Attack

Whenever stereotypes about Canada come up, the moose is right there at the forefront along with hockey, mounties and maple syrup.

The only problem is that moose are usually portrayed as gentle giants. Like a big cow with antlers. But in reality moose can be very dangerous, and not just when you hit one with your car.

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They aren't naturally aggressive but they also aren't afraid of humans so they won't avoid you like most animals would.  If they are either provoked, protecting their young, hungry, or looking to mate, they can be extremely deadly.

So if you do see a moose, stay as far away as possible, do not feed them, and most importantly, never get in between a mother and her calf.

Although they can attack without warning, here are the signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • The moose stops eating and starts starring at you.

  • The moose smacks lips and clicks teeth or whips head around.

  • The moose starts walking towards you.

  • The moose starts peeing

  • Moose looks like this:

@visionsofroarkembedded via

You've done all you can, but guess what? That moose still wants to the kill the crap out of you, just for fun! It starts charging towards you. Here's what to do:

1. Run

Assuming you don't have a gun to kill the moose before it kills you, your first option is to run. That didn't work? Uh Oh!

2. Stand behind a tree, rock, car or building.

There's nothing to hide behind? Uh Oh!

3. Curl up into a ball

You're being attacked? Uh Oh! You're pretty much screwed. Your only hope is to curl into a ball to protect your vital organs.

4. Stay Down

Do not move until the moose is long gone, if you get up he'll come back to finish you off. They tend to hold grudges.

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