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How To Sweep A Montreal Woman Off Her Feet

It's easier than you think.
How To Sweep A Montreal Woman Off Her Feet

Men often ask me for advice on how to impress a woman. The truth is, you don't need to do anything to impress your girl, because when it works, it just works effortlessly. However, if you're planning something special for Valentine's day or you really want to impress the girl of your dreams for no particular reason, I have a few suggestions that will definitely help you out. Even the most independent Montreal woman will warm up to you if you make her smile by applying the tricks below. Good luck!

Pay attention to the little things

It's really about the little things. Does her phone keep dying? Get her a portable battery. Has she mentioned that she LOVES sushi? Take her to this "hidden" sushi shop in Plateau. Women like to see that you actually pay attention to these things.

Send her a box of roses

Here's a no-brainer. Surprise your lady with a box of roses delivered to her office. Yes, a box! It's a thing and it's gorgeous.

Clean her car from snow

Wake up before she does and clean her car from the snow in the morning. Especially if you don't live together, that would make your gesture even more precious.

Cook something special for her

If you're not a very good cook, take a cooking class together instead. It's cute and romantic. If your lady won't appreciate this, then is she really worth your time?

Be a gentleman

This one might seem obvious, but you'll be surprised at how many Montreal men forget what chivalry is about. Here's how a girl knows when she meets a real gentleman.

Bring her coffee to work

Or tea, if she doesn't drink coffee. It's so easy and inexpensive. Here's a list of Montreal coffee shops that you might want to look into and get inspired.

Surprise her on her girls' night out

And this doesn't mean that you need to show up to her girls' night out. No! Let's say she tells you that she's going out for dinner with her girls to Jellyfish restaurant in the Old Port. What you can do is call the restaurant and have a bottle of wine sent to their table. Boom!

Take her to a spa in Tremblant

Surprise her with a mini road-trip to Tremblant and a relaxing day at a spa. Who wouldn't love that? Exactly.

Book a helicopter tour

This one is more pricey, but if you can afford it - hey, why not? Fly over Montreal, hold hands and create memories. More info here.

Name a star after her

This gesture is so romantic. You can name a star after your lady for only $30. It doesn't even need to be a special occasion. Here's a link to the original article.

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