How To Take The Perfect Nap At Work And School

The ideal length of time for a midday snooze.
How To Take The Perfect Nap At Work And School

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Take a nap and work more efficiently. That's the basic equation to keeping rested and sharp at work, but there is a trick to it, as all naps are not created equal.

When you're a bit sleepy (and maybe a tad hungover) at work, the ideal nap length is a very manageable ten minutes. Unlike longer naps that will make you all groggy, a ten-minute sleep sesh will restore your mind to peak perkiness.

Keeping a nap a short ten minutes will ensure you don't fall too far down into a nap spiral, and according to Ilene Rosen, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania's school of medicine, a "10-to-20-minute nap is really the optimal time in terms of bang for your buck."

But sometimes you just need more sleep 'cuz you're super tired and you know ten minutes won't cut it. Here's a breakdown on nap length and effects to help you choose the ideal nap-at-work time:

  • 10-20 minutes = a speedy boost in wakefulness, great for a day at work or when coffee won't cut it
  • 60 minutes = increase in cognitive memory processing (remembering facts, places, faces, etc.)
  • 90 minutes = improvement of creative, emotional, and procedural memory

Choose your nap time (and place) wisely Montreal.

How long do you nap for?

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