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How To Turn A Montreal Fvckboy Into A Gentleman

I've written a lot of posts about Montreal fuckboys already. Yes, they're "forbidden territory" and it's probably best for you to stay away from them. However, if you're adventurous and up for a challenge, you might want to try and turn a Montreal fuckboy into a gentleman. It's like taming a wild horse.

Fuckboys' priorities revolve around booze, partying, swag and side chicks. However, it's nothing but a phase that most guys go through in their twenties and you can actually help them realize that there's more to life. Here's how:

1. Beware of newly converted fuckboys

You want to catch a fuckboy at the end of his fuckboy career. If he just got out of a serious relationship, had his heart broken and is now partying out of control to get over his ex - you might want to stay away from this type of scenario.

You'll find it much easier to deal with someone who has been a regular at Igloofest for a few years now. He probably got "the fuckboyness" out of his system and is ready for that change; he just doesn't know it yet. That's where you step in and guide him through darkness.

2. Make him realize that you're different

Fuckboys are used to dealing with "easy" females. Girls in their surroundings are open for business, if you know what I mean. Want to stand out from the crowd? Make him work for it. Be flirty, fun, easy-going, but don't jump into the bedroom right away.

3. Engage in activities other than partying

Go to the gym together, watch movies, have dinner dates... there are so many Montreal activities you can do other than getting drunk at a club. Make him realize that spending quality time together is more fun than his fuckboy lifestyle.

4. Hang out with other couples

You become who you surround yourself with. Stay away from his single friends who want nothing out of life other than to pop bottles and fuck bitches (excuse my language). Why not have a fun double date at Montreal's A/Maze instead?

5. Weed out his "bad friends"

Every fuckboy has 2-3 guy friends who want him to stay single, party and drink until he forgets his name. Most fuckboys lack leadership skills and, consequently, fall victim to "bad influences." You'll need to keep his "bad friends" out of sight, because, like the French say - "Loin des yeux, loin du coeur." So keep him busy, see each other often, take a fucking dance class together, do anything it takes to keep him from seeing his "party buddies." Eventually, he'll forget about them.

6. Meet his family

And make them like you. You want his whole family on your side. Even the worst fuckboy out there loves and respects his mother. If he doesn't, then dump him right now.

7. Be a lady

If you set an example and act like a lady, he'll have no other choice but to catch up and become a gentleman. Instead of telling you what a real lady is like, I'll tell you what she isn't like: you can read more about it here.

8. Stop the bad habits

If you can't cut it out completely, then at least try and do less drinking, smoking and partying altogether. Advocate a healthy lifestyle and you'll be amazed at how fast a seemingly hopeless fuckboy will turn into a dateable human being. It's so easy to be healthy in Montreal.

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