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How Twitter And Facebook Are Screwing With Your Sex Life

Is social media making us have less sex?
How Twitter And Facebook Are Screwing With Your Sex Life

You'd think that with all of the sexy selfies, dating apps, and bang-ability rating systems (Lulu anyone?) provided by the world wide web/social media, the whole planet would just be itching for their next roundabout in the sack. According to the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, analysed by the University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the opposite is true. The stress and woes of modern life, including distractions created by social media, have left us guys and gals too preoccupied for sex.

Well, not that we aren't having any sex, just less on average compared to 10 years ago. The study, conducted every ten years in Britain, found that people were having sex less frequently. Back in 1991 and 2001, men and women had sex around 6 times a month. That number has dropped to 4.9 times for men, and 4.8 times for women. The main reasons for these drops in sexual activity were financial stress and modern tech.

-Dr Cath Mercer, from University College London

Apparently all the tweeting and status updates we do are keeping us from getting laid. For shame. Dr. Mercer also noted how the job market, now tougher than ever, have put people in a state of monetary insecurity, effectively making them "not in the mood."

Depressing findings for a study on sex, but there were some positive findings, including:

  • More people are engaging in sexual activity with the same gender (F: 1.8%-->7.9%; M:3.6%-->4.8% )
  • The average number of partners of the opposite sex has increased for both genders (F: 3.7-->7.7; M: 8.6-->11.7)
  • People are having sex at an earlier age (not too positive for those of us with younger siblings...)
  • Views towards same-sex relationships are regarded as "not wrong at all" by nearly half the population
  • Adultery and one night stands have generally become less accepted (A yay, and a nay, IMO)

So while we're having sex less frequently, we ARE hooking up with more unique people, and more same-sex partners. Arguably positive. Let's also keep in mind these findings are from Britain (known for being a little stuffy) so we can't definitely say the same applies to us here in Canada. Still, get off your Iphones and pay attention to your boy/girlfriend, they're MUCH more interesting. And fun ;)

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