How You Can Get A Free Montreal Opus Card

Not taking advantage of this would be foolish.
How You Can Get A Free Montreal Opus Card

As you know, Saturday night is Nuit-Blanche and we want you take full advantage of it. Not only do we have the ultimate list of 10 Free Things To Do During Montreal’s Nuit Blanche 2015, but now we have an even better way for you to save money. Since we assume you'll be in no condition to drive, we don't want you to have to spend your hard earned money on a taxi. Instead the STM is offering a free opus card ($6) that comes pre-loaded with 2 STM tickets ($6.50).

All you have to do is Click Here to register and your Pre-loaded Opus card will be mailed to you. There's a limit of 1 card per person and a maximum of 2 cards per address. So hurry up now and you might get be able to get them before tomorrow night. And even if you don't make it on time, you still have until March 15th to register. The tickets will are valid until the end of march. So even you have to pay for the bus Saturday night, you can always break even by using your 2 free tickets later.

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