How To Get Food When Your Favourite Montreal Restaurants Won't Deliver

Without any extra service fee.
How To Get Food When Your Favourite Montreal Restaurants Won't Deliver

How many times have you had a serious munchie attack and decided to order food only to discover that your favourite restaurant only takes cash, or worse, doesn't even deliver? Take-out is supposed to be convenient after all. Ain't no one got time to keep track of phone numbers, difficult delivery zones, and a gazillion different paper menus!

Montrealers like to eat, whenever, wherever, and without any hassles. While pizza is always a delicious option, this city is full of restaurants you probably have never considered ordering from because you simply didn't think they delivered.

We're lucky to be surrounded by a myriad of different cuisines from all over the world, it's just not always convenient to get at them. Sure, mouth-watering Portuguese chicken from Romados, or Lola Rosa's famous nachos, or even some spicy Thai food from Bangkok Express will hit the spot, but that would require moving, and moving is not an option. Luckily, there's an app for that. A free app. One that makes it easy for hungry people such as yourself, to just eat what you friggin' want to eat, when you want to eat it.

The JUST EAT app makes ordering food in Montreal super easy. Type in your postal code and JUST EAT does the rest. Choose from over 700 restaurants in the Greater Montreal Area and best of all, you pay what you'd pay at the restaurants. None of that sneaky service fee bullshit, and many restaurants actually offer free delivery with a minimum purchase. Pay with cold hard cash, or pay by credit/debit card with the option to tip directly so you're not scrounging around last minute for change. Plus, JUST EAT is world-wide, meaning even if you travel, you're never gonna be left high and dry.

Download the app for free on IOS and Android and check out the JUST EAT website to put food in that belly right meow!