How You Can Get FREE Parking In Montreal

So that you can avoid expensive tickets.

Remember when you could pull up to an available parking spot (now extinct RIP) and that old-school analog meter still flashed 20 mins remaining? JACK POT! It was your lucky day, as some kind stranger, though completely unintentional, had just left you a gift in the form of free parking. These days, you're lucky if you even find parking at all.

In case you haven't noticed, parking in Montreal is fvcked. Between the sheer amount of motorists in the city, along with never-ending construction, BIXI stations and make-shift terrasses taking up the road, finding a spot can quite literally be soul-crushing, especially when you're on your hundredth lap around the block and you're late for something important. When you finally do find a spot, you need a decoder ring to figure out the parking signage that I swear was intentionally designed to get you that $54 ticket you will inevitably get because you just don't give a shit anymore.

While there's not much we can do about the shortage of parking in the city anymore, there is one Montreal organization developing a new app that would at least help you get some free parking. Just like back in the day, PRKD would allow you to take advantage of residual money left on the meter. All that unexpired time would go back into the hands of all you disgruntled drivers on a budget, where it rightfully belongs.

Currently in Beta testing, the PRKD app is set to launch for iOS and Android this Sunday (May 31). Other functionality features are set to include the ability to geotag images and locations, and in an attempt to really bring some fairness back to the Montreal parking situation, 50% of ad revenue generated by the app will be shared among various local charities. This could be a real game changer and make all of our lives, at least all the drivers out there fed up with paying out the nose for parking, a little more free. And we like free.

Check out the PRKD Facebook Page for more information and details about the app launch.

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