How You Can Get Meals Like Your Mother Used To Make Delivered To Your House

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal.
How You Can Get Meals Like Your Mother Used To Make Delivered To Your House

It's safe to say that Montrealers like love to eat! And while we don't have any shortage of great restaurants and awesome markets to choose from, what we have less and less of these days is the time and money to enjoy them. Hectic school/work schedules, economic woes, and the stress they cause on our energy levels often results in us eating way more junk food than we'd like to admit, and while, don't get me wrong, pizza delivery is both convenient and utterly delicious, nothing beats a quality home-cooked meal.

In an ideal world, we would sit down to family meals every night, with food straight out of the oven and made only from the freshest ingredients. No preservatives or random chemicals. A relative luxury to some extent in our modern time, but it doesn't have to be. That's why when we learned about a Montreal company revolutionizing the take-out game, we just had to share.

Instead of deep-fried, mass-produced fast food,Bon C Bon offers fresh and affordable, home-cooked meals delivered right to your door. Everything comes in recyclable containers, with all ingredients and heating directions written right on the box. The online home-delivery dining service essentially saves hours of shopping and cooking time for people with an active and busy lifestyle, because let's be honest, ain't no one got time fo' dat. And if you do, can you please feed me!

Bon C Bon's Head Chef spent years in the professional catering industry until realizing she could bring her experience and culinary expertise to people's homes. Every meal is made from scratch, using only high-quality ingredients, and never frozen. Everything from soups and salads, to your favourite comfort foods, and mouth-watering desserts, all from $7.50 for individual portions to $15.95 for premium items.

While there are a few popular staples, the menu changes every Wednesday to keep things interesting. You have until the following Wednesday before noon to place your order for delivery either on the Saturday night or Sunday (depending on where you live). Alternatively, pick it up directly at the Lasalle location. Easy as pie.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, but for the times when you are too busy (or just don't know how to cook), this is definitely the next best thing.

Check out the Bon C Bon Facebook page and website for the complete menu and all the details.